Discover over 1.5 million routes or map your own with WalkJogRun [Review]

Interruptions to your running routine, perhaps caused by travel or construction, are annoying. Or maybe, like me, you’re just bored with your current route. If you’re looking for a change of scenery or wondering where the safest route is near your hotel/new home, WalkJogRun wants to help you out.

WalkJogRun boasts more than 1.5 million user-created routes, all of which can be accessed via your iPhone. Using your device’s GPS, the app will reveal all the routes nearby, which can be filtered by distance or duration. In my experience with WalkJogRun, the lower the distance, the higher amount of results. For example, 1-5 mile routes returned far more results than 20 mile routes.

Clicking on a route will open an in-app map, displaying the start location, one mile mark, and finish (if different from the start). Depending on your preference, you can switch the map type to display a satellite view instead of the colorful, Google Map-esque default. You can also click on Details in the top right corner to learn more about the route, including its creator, a description if available, distance, and average time. And if you really like that route, click the star next to it in the results list to add it to your favorites.

WalkJogRun routes

If you have a favorite route of your own that you’d like to share, you can create it right on your iPhone. To do this, tap Create Routes from the bottom navigation bar and either choose Plot on a map or Track a route with GPS. Tracking with GPS is easiest, as I found dragging a tiny map pin to the correct intersections to be slightly challenging. However, it’s not undoable. If you’d prefer to manually create your route, just drag the red pin to the starting location and tap any turns along the way.

Once you’re finished, give the route a name and description — it’s helpful for other WalkJogRun users who discover your route. And although you might not want yet another online identity to keep track of, you’ll have to create a account in order to create your own routes.

WalkJogRun training

Another perk the app has to offer is its training plans. WalkJogRun features 23 training plans created by Coach Jenny Hadfield from Runners World. Whether you’re running your first 5k or training for a marathon, there’s something here for you, as well as everyone in between. This is probably my favorite part of the app, in addition to the GPS route mapping, as I sometimes need some variety in my runs, or a little extra instruction when I want to push it to the next level.

As a runner, it’s likely that you already have a dozen other apps to help you with your training. And although WalkJogRun might not be as feature-packed as others, it certainly has its strengths. Whether you’re a soon-to-be runner, a marathon veteran, or someone who just enjoys leisurely walks, I think you’ll like WalkJogRun for iPhone.


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