Vinetune introduces epic new music video idea

In a bid to shake up music-videos, VineTune has just launched a new crowd sourcing initiative in a bid to create constantly changing music videos for its users.


Vinetune will use user-submitted Vines with hashtags that match song lyrics to create a music video for a specified song. Each month, Vinetune will promote a different track and add its own crowd sourced music video. Vinetune will take 6 second clips from Vine, a recently released video-sharing application for iOS, and compile then in a music video. Clips will only be taken if specifically tagged by the user.

This sounds like a fantastic idea, and I can’t wait to see what sort of results this produces, which is a shame, because at the moment the website just keeps crashing before the video gets a chance to load. Once that’s fixed however, expect great things from this awesome new initiative!


Via: The Verge


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