Video: American Airlines using iPads for pilot manuals

American Airlines iPad Manual

As the world is quickly switching from paper to electronic documents, the airline industry doesn’t seem too far behind. Currently, pilots are required to carry on bags of manuals that generally weigh around 30-40 pounds. Along with flight manuals, the bags also include airline company information and policies, as well as information such as airport maps. Fortunately for pilots, these “kitbags” are being replaced by iPads. American Airlines is beginning to install iPads in the cockpits of certain planes, and is transitioning from paper to electronic manuals.

Here is a little more insight on how American Airlines has gained approval for going paperless:

To get that approval, American had to have the iPad tested in a hypobaric chamber to simulate how the device would handle during a rapid decompression. They also had to arrange for mount testing with the FAA, which is ironic since our manuals weigh far more than the iPad and aren’t secured in place. Many takeoffs have resulted in a book or two sliding off the side table and onto the floor.

Also, as part of the approval process, American had to put iPads through rigorous testing to ensure they could deal with rapid pressure changes, and also installed backup batteries that would extend the battery life up to 24 hours.

Fore more information, be sure to check out the video below on the airline’s transition to iPad manuals:

Source: iDownloadBlog

Image via: Aviation International News

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  • skisofast

    American is not installing iPads anywhere. They have issued them to pilots who carry them.. They are doing it to save money in numerous way.

  • Saw that on the news, it’s a nice perk I have to say…