Super Hero Wars for iPhone – First Looks [VID]

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Cam checks out a new game from independent developer, YaAppz. Super Hero Wars is a free download and promises to be a lot of fun.

App Store Link:

Cam on…


TiP on…


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  • armenhagz

    TodaysiPhone TiP_Cam YaAppz YaaLinda Thanks for the great review! Sorry the level 1 music wasn’t your cup of tea, level 2 is mellow tho!

  • YaaLinda

    TiP_Cam Thanks Cam! You have been SUPER awesome! ;-) 15 Levels 5 Boss Fights! YaAppz #TodaysiPhone #SUPERHEROWARS #YaAppz

  • YaaLinda

    TodaysiPhone TiP_Cam YaAppz Looks awesome Cam! Thank You to the TodaysiPhone team! #SUPERHEROWARS #YaAppz

  • YaAppz

    YaaLinda The 1st FIRST LOOK thanks to TiP_Cam ! Thanks brotha! #TodaysiPhone #YaAppz #SUPERHEROWARS

  • YaAppz

    TodaysiPhone TiP_Cam YaaLinda Special Thank You to Cam and his team! #SUPERHEROWARS #YaAppz

  • abumthomas

    TodaysiPhone TiP_Cam YaAppz YaaLinda

  • AGUi_STYLE31

    ill have to try it out now… you should try out Nimble quest it pretty addicting game. i been playing it for the past 2 days mostly none stop.