STM’s awesome Tracer Deluxe stylus and Grip cases for iPad/iPad mini [CU Exposed 2013]

STM Feature

If you want a bag for your gadgets, there are few companies I could recommend more than STM. Originally an Australian fashion brand, it was one which got frustrated with trying to fix problems not addressed by other manufacturers. More recently, STM turned its attention on the iPhone and iPad accessory market and with some success. All its products ooze class and show careful consideration for all elements and uses of the cases. I took some time with a fantastic stylus and some cases at CU Exposed 2013 on Tuesday.

Tracer Deluxe Stylus – £24.95 GBP/$29.95 USD

I’m not kidding when I say this is the swiss army knives of styluses, and almost certainly the best value for money that I’ve seen so far. Like a lot of offerings on the market, it includes both ballpoint pen and a soft silicone stylus tip. One on either end. But there’s so much more. Twist the pen and you can write in red or black ink with the selection indicated by a stylish and clear circle cutout in the shaft. That’s not all. Unscrew the stylus tip and underneath is a precision cross head screwdriver and a SIM ejector tool. It feels comfortable in hand and writing is natural. I was sold immediately.

Grip case for iPad mini – £39.99 GBP/$39.99 USD

Another STM product I could praise highly enough. The Grip takes the conventional format folio case for iPad and flips it on its head, almost literally. Instead of having using the inside of the front cover to rest on during viewing mode, like virtually every other folio, there’s a neat little kickstand embedded in the rear shell. You can use this to rest on a flat surface, or – for more viewing angles – flip the front cover around the back and use the ridged pattern to select your optimal angle. What’s more, it has another even smaller kickstand inside the larger one for use in typing mode. It felt very sturdy when I tried it and build quality is as good as I’ve come to expect from the Australian bag makers. Fantastic.

There were a couple of other cases I tried too. The Skinny for iPad and iPad mini was another fine example of great design. But, as I’m sure you can tell from the galleries above, lighting conditions were terrible at the STM stand. So, you want to check out the Skinny range of cases, head on over to the product page.

STM is has shown itself a force to be reckoned with in the bag and case field, and should be taken seriously as an option by anyone with an eye for quality. Check out for the manufacturer’s entire lineup.

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