Some users experiencing decreased battery life on iOS 6.1.3

iphone-battery-large-650x0Those of you that have updated to iOS 6.1.3 may want to be watching your battery life. According to the reports, it isn’t just quicker battery decreases, it’s fast battery decreases. What’s the differences? Well, instead of only not lasting as long, you could see your phone drop 1% every minute or so. There are so many users having this problem that a forum thread over on Apple’s support pages has already gotten 5700+ views. If you’re jailbroken, you may not see this problem because you should be on iOS 6.1.2 still. However those not into that most likely have updated.

This issue appears to be very real, and hopefully yet another iOS update will be able to figure it out. Be watching for a possible quick release of (possibly) iOS 6.1.4. An answer to the support question has been chosen, and it involved turning off iCloud features, so that possibly is the culprit for the battery drain. Here is the quote from the thread:

I can confirm mine is now fine.

Go to settings

Mail, contacts, calendars

Go into iCloud and turn all switches to OFF one by one make sure you save all to iPhone though not just delete

Then go to each other mail account and repeat this procedure again making sure you select keep on iPhone not the delete option

Once they’re all turned to off check your calendar to see if everything is missing off it and then you need to do a hard reset by holding the home button and the on/off button until the phone turns itself off.

Once it’s come back on go back into settings and mail and turn each switch (or each you want) back to ON.

Then make sure all your apps are closed lock the phone and leave it for 30 mins and then check the battery hopefully if like mine it shouldn’t of dropped at all

What do you think? Have you been experiencing battery problems? Are you staying away from iOS 6.1.3 until this is fixed? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Cult of Mac, ZDNet, Apple

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