New iOS 7 concept brings a whole new app switcher [Video]

Do you like iOS 7 concepts? Then you are sure to like this one. The above iOS 7 concept comes from YouTube user Jesse Head, who has put an entirely new spin on the iOS app switcher idea. The new UI has the music controls at the bottom with a live preview “card” like interface above. Found at the top of the screen is a search bar that allows you to easily search for open applications. As you would expect with this interface, you simply swipe the app away to close it. I really like this idea, but doubt anything this drastic would come as soon as iOS 7. We can hope though, right?

What do you think? Hope to see something like this? Anything you think is missing? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Cult of Mac, YouTube

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  • Guest

    Looks like the HTC Sense multitasking

  • pupseek71

    I like the webOS look, webOS comes the closes to pure multi tasking

  • TiP_Cam

    @pupseek71 Great. Now I miss webOS…

  • Derposo

    We wish.

  • BrainRoopull

    Almost every time I see an iOS concept, I end up thinking, “Wow, that’s just like the [insert name here] launcher for Android.  In this case, it’s very similar to the bone stock app switcher for 4.+…  The only differences being that these tiles are too big (you can only see one running app at a time,) and they’re “live” where Android’s only shows a sort of screenshot.

  • BrainRoopull

    @TiP_Cam  @pupseek71 I never fully understood why WebOS failed so miserably in the marketplace.  The phones were great, the OS was fantastic…  I guess Palm was too far gone to be saved.

  • ChristopherTran

    they stole that whole idea from the palm series

  • rahshanh

    @BrainRoopull @TiP_Cam @pupseek71 no apps though!

  • nkathrein

    @TiP_Cam  @pupseek71 makes you wonder why apple with all its money just didn’t buy palm to take it’s patents and ideas to upgrade iOS.

  • 12.Bryce

    looks like a bigger version of Auxo (Jailbreak tweak)

  • AlvixNgWengLee

    swipe to quit ? so android. gosh apple couldn’t be more innovative ?

  • rhymiZ

    Blackberry and Android have been here already xD

  • DarrenButz

    This needs to make it to Cydia like Auxo did

  • salmon_ben

    mmm seen this before somewhere………… oh yer windows phone 7.5 and 8 which ive been using for the last two and a bit years windowsphone joebelfiore