iPhone and Galaxy SIII users very similar, according to recent study

A study recently conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners on 500 iPhone and 500 Samsung Galaxy SIII users shows that despite the ongoing arguments between the devices, their users are very similar. The study, conducted in the first two months of 2013, shows the usage patterns of the devices’ users.

It was discovered that users of both the GSIII and iPhone use their handsets primarily for texting and surfing the internet, with 80-90% of users using their phones to text daily, and more than 70% of both iPhone and Galaxy those tested admitted to using the internet on their devices more than once per day. For me, this is hardly surprising. I mean, why buy a high-end smartphone, then not use the things you’re most likely paying for on a contract? Maybe it would be more interesting if lower-end devices were taken into account, but that’s just me.

Of course, as we’re already familiar, mobile phones are being used for phone calls less frequently nowadays, with the amount of participants using this feature more than once per day much lower than texting and internet use. Nevertheless, the percentage of those who used their device to make phone calls was around the same for both smartphones, with Samsung having slightly more usage.

Another slightly unsurprising piece of data was uncovered by this study, and that was that iPhone users were more likely to own a Mac than Galaxy users. However, of those tested, the numbers didn’t seem that much different, with 20% of the iPhone users owning a Mac laptop or desktop, while 7% of Samsung users had the same. Likewise, iPhone owners were around twice as likely to own an iPad, with the same going for users of the GSIII, who were twice as likely to own an Android tablet. Interestingly, however, iPhone users were more likely to own a Kindle, something that seems rather odd, especially since much of the Kindle range is taken up by the Android-powered Kindle Fire.

What is your chosen device? Do you prefer the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the iPhone 5, and do you fit into these statistics? Let us know in the comments.


Via: Apple Insider

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