Awesome iPhone 6 and 4.8-inch “iPhone Plus” concepts designed – wider displays, and no Home Button anywhere [gallery]


We like a good concept, and this certainly is one of the better ones. This “iPhone Plus/Math” concept mockup was designed by Martin Hajek (via and feature as a huge 4.8-inch display with virtually non-existent bezels, and no home button. But it’s not on its own, it’s been designed alongside an iPhone 6 concept which looks virtually identical to the “Plus” except a little smaller. Both look a lot like the result of an affair between the iPod touch and the HTC One. But, I like them a lot.


The iPhone 6 sat next to its predecessor, the iPhone 5. It’s slimmer, shorter and wider. Despite the unlikeliness of Apple changing the aspect ratio of the display, it does look rather nifty:


There’s a whole bunch more – some of which we’ve placed in a gallery below. But, if you want to check out all the images, head on over to the original article.


Via: Gizmodo

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  • iLoveAppleUK

    Awesome iPhone 6 and 4.8-inch “iPhone Plus” concepts designed [gallery] – via @TodaysiPhone

  • alexander_ekin

    “@TodaysiPhone Awesome iPhone 6 and 4.8-inch “iPhone Plus” concepts designed [gallery] –”

  • JerenYun

    @TiP_Cam As awesome as they look (and they do look awesome), they remind me of Samsung phones. That could probably be a problem.

  • dj mt

    this is awsome but I gas apple may not going to do that

  • Fam

    How would you get out of an app

  • hansbrefin

    @CountryTec Um Erfolg zu haben muss ein Produkt 2 Voraussetzungen mitbringen: 1. sauteuer, 2. absolut überflüssig. iP6 erfüllt wohl beide;-)

  • DarrenButz

    I like having a physical home button. I have a Nexus 7 and the minor inconvience of not having a home button just for the purpose of waking it up bothers me. Pushing the home button is a lot less awkward then pushing the sleep button to get to the lock screen.

  • brandonyen67

    I don’t care about the cheap shelf as long as the processor is faster then expensive one and 4.5 or 4.8 that’s fine with me cuz we’re going to use the case anyway .

  • RaduTanasescu

    I have yet to see a truly awesome iPhone concept. So far all of them were impractical, in-aesthetic  or plain right stupid.This one is no different. It looks like a Galaxy S III.
    iPhone “concept design” makers are usually untalented people that crave attention. If any of them would have been any good they would have actually been working for Apple or any other big tech company.

  • JackJones

    I liked that the iPhone doesn’t have macro changes to the design. That way you know what an iPhone is, and redesigning it to look like none of the previous models is silly – it may just look like the previous design was full of flaws, imperfections.

  • mhtruth

    @RaduTanasescu This looks nothing like a galaxy s3 it looks like the new HTC one…smh …Apple’s “official” designs aren’t that great or far from this concept.
    The 1st iphone had signal issues due the aluminum back. The 3g and 3gs used shiny plastic that cracked near the mute switch after regular use. The 4 and 4s either had signal issues or shattered because of the great idea to put glass on both the front and back. the 5 in black has scratch issues and it still uses glass on the back edges.
    This concept is no worse. It screams dents, signal issues, and cracked screen. The nice thing about it is its “squint free” screen size lol.

  • mhtruth

    @Fam…Capacitive home button like most android phone

  • RaduTanasescu

    @mhtruth Those issues are a bit blown out of proportion. I have an iPhone 4 that never had signal issues. I’m sure that the iPhone 4 once had a problem, but they probably fixed it in later batches of the model.
    It also does not shatter easily. I smashed mine on the ground (long story), the metal band on the side got bend so bad that headphones did not fit in the jack anymore but the screen or the back didn’t shatter.

  • mhtruth

    @RaduTanasescu Everyone has their own experience. I too had a iphone 4 and never had a issue either,but i always used a Tpu case. Thats besides the point though. Which is this concept is no better or worse than anything, aesthetically or durability wise that apple has already produced. Honestly this concept in black looks nice enough to make me think to buy another iphone. As of now though i like my Note 2 way too much to pay apple any real attention.

  • SteveHartsock

    @RaduTanasescu You are a moron.

  • rhymiZ

    Is it me or do iPhone concept designers have subtle dreams of sending iPhone’s design in the direction of Android phones…? I mean no home key, software buttons, bigger screen, better resolution…  their probably too stubborn to admit it anyway.