Google Now rival Sherpa coming to iOS

Following rumors that Google Now is currently awaiting Apple approval, it has emerged that predictive intelligence may be making its way to iOS in the form of another app.

‘Sherpa’, is apparently being built by former Google man Bill Ferrell. The Anchorman star appears to be trying to fill the iOS predictive intelligence void by getting the jump on Google with his own app. On paper, it sounds like Sherpa is going to be very similar to Google Now, however it promises to take the predictive intel experience even further.

For instance, Sherpa will be able to associate your work commute with your work location. Remembering your time of arrival, in future it will give you directions, and a recommended departure time based on traffic conditions, the weather etc. Sherpa promises to be something really special, and I can’t wait to see the results on its release.

According to Sherpa’s website:

“With location-based insights, we can bring you information you’ve never had before, e.g. that it will begin raining before your commute home, traffic congestion on the route to your next meeting and much more,”

The app is currently in private beta as developers work to iron out bugs, but is due for public launch in the near future. Sherpa has expressed its openness to collaborate with developers to improve the experience, and right now you can sign up for an invite code on Sherpa’s website!

Via: TechnoBuffalo


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