CU Exposed 2013: Best of the Rest, featuring Phillips Hue, Sonos Playbar, Cygnett Icon Art, TYLT and more.

CU Exposed 2013 Best of the Rest

I have to 100% completely honest with you, I’d intended on giving every single brand stall that I visited an individual article of its own. Sadly, time has run away with me since Tuesday’s CU Exposed 2013 event in the Film Museum in London. I had roughly 20 brands with their own folders full of images, and stacks of press packs with all the details in. Which I could have done had I not been doing my regular job writing up news, filming accessory reviews and managing the site. However, I couldn’t let this week end without highlighting some of the coolest stuff on show that didn’t get their own special spotlight.

If you want to check out all the accessories and brands I’ve covered so far, hit this link.

Phillips Hue and Audio Solutions

Phillips had two stands at Exposed, and one – understandably was dedicated to the innovative Hue lighting system. £179.99 gets you three bulbs and the wireless hub to connect them to your iPad/iPhone and home broadband. As cool as the lighting was, I was more interested in the speakers. I’m much more of an audio-nut with a taste for retro design and great sound than I am about flashing lights no matter how modern. I had a look at three different sets of speakers from Phillips. The Fidelio range comes with an iPhone dock, and the ability to stream music using Apple’s licensed AirPlay technology. The SoundSphere will set you back a cool £400/£700 depending on which model you get. The ones show are the more expensive of the two. The other speaker in the Fidelio range was the SoundRing, designed to be the perfect bedroom music companion with its ring design and costs a much cheaper £250. The more retro docking station is the Original Radio dock for iPhone/iPod. It’s featured because it looks the poodle’s plums. Head on over to Phillips’ site to check out the rest of its products.

Sonos Playbar

A couple of years ago, when Sonos was pretty new to the market of iOS accessories, our former Managing Editor Adriana took some time out to review the home audio system. Since then the brand has flourished and added an incredible range of speakers to its range. The most recent is the Playbar. It’s essentially a soundbar designed to compliment your home entertainment system. As with all Sonos speakers it hooks up to the central wireless control hub, an can be controlled using the Sonos app on iPad/iPhone. The Playbar features 9 individual speakers offering an incredible range of room-filling sound. It’s ridiculously easy to set up and can shake a room with its volume. If  you already own some of the brand’s equipment, this is the perfect finale. If you haven’t, this is the perfect reason to try it out. It’ll set you back £600/$700. Sonos home page.

Cygnett ICON Art case for iPhone 5

The ICON Art series of cases is one of my all-time favorites. The shells are incredibly thin, adding no bulk and have an awesome soft-touch finish making them extremely comfortable to hold. To make them truly unique, the Australian-born company teams up with artists to design artwork for the accessories, giving them a look which isn’t found anywhere else. My own personal choice from the iPhone 5 range was the Nathan Jurevicius Owls design, but some of the others might take your fancy. They cost just £14.95 in the UK and around $25 in the States (you can probably find them cheaper on Amazon). Cygnett’s ICON range can be viewed online here.


I couldn’t let an event like CU Exposed 2013 go without featuring TYLT, if only for its attention grabbing choice of design. Pretty much everything on stand was neon-colors on black, ensuring that it stood out from the crowd. TYLT offered a huge range of accessories, from tangle-free cables, iPhone cases and battery packs through speakers and headphones. Check out the gallery above or head on over to to see the entire product lineup.

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  • Cygnett

    Hey Cam, thanks for the shout out for the ICON range, we will have more ICON artists later this year… stay tuned.
    I also wanted your opinion on another piece you wrote ( Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmarks blows iPhone 5 out of the water – March 18, 2013), do you think S4 will be as popular as the i5, in light of the extra benefits? – Nick