Cool iOS concept adds toggles to Lock Screen [video]

It may not be the the longest iOS concept video we’ve seen, but if it’s turned in to a jailbreak tweak, it could just be one of the most useful things to hit Cydia since it launched. The designer behind it worked on the incredibly successful Auxo tweak, so he certainly has previous success to add weight to the idea. In this latest design he turns his attention to one of the most neglected and least useful parts of iOS – the Lock Screen. Right now, on stock iOS, all we get is notifications and a quick access camera feature. This concept ads to that with an elegant side bar full of quick-access toggles for switching connections on or off, activating Airplane mode and so on. Check it out:

Via: ModMyi

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  • CMoney

    I think there should also be a combination of tasks available much like a macro of sorts. So If I wanted to go into airplane mode but keep bluetooth enabled and turn off sound, I can create a macro that runs with just one click. That click can become an action for one of the toggles.

  • MrNonFiction

    Another Andriod original idea and concept being duplicated on iGarbage. they should just stop making iPhones and just operate off that $100 Billion in cash surplus they have.

  • yeahisaidit

    @MrNonFiction you come to this site just to bash apple. nothing better to do with your life?

  • MrNonFiction

    @yeahisaidit Because I posted my opinion on something does not mean I have nothing better to do and by the way if you knew anything about apple, you would know that they been lacking innovative features since Siri, and every feature people ask to be added android is already doing. Thanks for your concern but my life is great my dude