Atari 2600 iPhone Speaker Dock? Don’t mind if I do


Check out this dock, its 50 shades of pure awesome! If you’re a young and modern gaming nut, there’s every chance you’ll be unaware of anything before the PlayStation. Perhaps your memory stretches back as far as the SNES or SEGA Mega Drive. But, if you’re old enough to cast your mind back to 1977, you’ll remember this retro gem. The Atari 2600 is one of the first ever bespoke gaming consoles.

In this day and age, it’s virtually useless for gaming. However, this beauty is “once again relevant, expertly crafted into a unique and wonderful iPhone speaker dock!” I genuinely can’t imagine ever wanting an iPhone dock more than I want this. It’s fantastic. The Atari 2600 iPhone speaker dock was crafted by Etsy seller, Peter Morris from Poole in the UK and costs a modest £150 ($225) plus shipping.

Source: Etsy
Via:  TUAW

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