Apple loses trademark case in Mexico

Apple Court Gavel

If you’ve been following Apple’s legal cases recently, you probably know that Apple isn’t having the best of luck in the courtroom. Most notably, Judge Koh recently lessened Apple’s winnings against Samsung by almost half. Well, the most recent legal loss for Apple comes from the Mexican Supreme Court. The court is ruling that Apple is not allowed to trademark the term “iPhone” in Mexico because of the already existing “iFone” trademark.

While this may seem like a major setback for the Cupertino company in Mexico, it is actually still allowed to sell iPhones in the country. This ruling only affects the third trademark for “iPhone” filed in Mexico, which covers telecommunications services. Although Apple can continue sales, it has been reported that iFone, a call center in Mexico, will seek damages in the case and is hoping to get a large monetary settlement.

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Source: The Verge

Image via: Android Community

  • jabombardier

    I guess Apple should pick it’s battles more wisely? It is good that they are protecting their own as for ideas that they haven’t were stolen from them years ago, however l they should learn to let certain things go.