Amazon to launch 4.7 -inch iPhone rival this year [Rumor]

Rumors have again surfaced suggesting that Amazon is going to release a 4.7-inch smartphone this year. Rumors of this type were prominent last year following the success of the Kindle, however that actually culminated in the release of the Kindle Fire HD.


Now, supply chain sources are suggesting that Amazon is going to release a smart phone with a 4.7-inch display in the second quarter of 2013, which is just around the corner.

According to sources:

The company was previously considering a 4.3-inch screen but later scrapped the idea after witnessing increased demand for larger size screens among consumers

There is also chatter over the specs of the potential Amazon phone, which are reportedly also being enhanced to meet market demands.

Sources do indicate that despite Amazon’s planned second quarter release, manufacturing problems at Foxconn may delay the release.


Via: Cult of Android

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  • Trevor Duncan

    I remember when it seemed like cell phones and smartphones were getting smaller and smaller. It is interesting to me that the trend is now bigger, larger screens and phones. I guess my hands are smaller than average, but anything larger than a galaxy s or iphone 3g is too big for me!