99% of Apple workers stick within 60-hour workweek limit


Apple workers in China have been the subject of much controversy and news coverage. Sadly, most of it is reporting on the poor working conditions, suicides, and low pay. Since those low days, Apple has teamed up with the FLA (Fair Labor Association) and turned things around by enforcing strict rules on its manufacturing and supply partners in Asia.  Since then, Cupertino has been updating its public records each month with the findings: specifically sticking below 60  working hours per week.

Over 1 million workers were monitored in January 2013, and 99% of them were compliant with Apple’s working hour limit. It’s a big boost for Apple’s reputation, and as more workers are undoubtedly monitored in all corners of the earth, our favorite fruit company may well start off a positive revolution that impacts other manufacturers as well.

Source: Apple
Via: AppleInsider


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