10 Jailbreak Tweaks That Created My Perfect iOS [VID]

Cam takes a look at 10 jailbreak tweaks that helped him take his iOS devices from good to perfect!

Cam on…

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  • MuhammadMarsh

    So, basically you’re trying to turn your iphone into an android?

  • barryjarvis

    @TiP_Cam enjoyed this video buddy. No BiteSMS though?

  • TiP_Cam

    @barryjarvis No, never found a cause for it.

  • barryjarvis

    @TiP_Cam fair play. I’ve not jailbroken yet but the quick reply of biteSMS looks really appealing to me.

  • EthanZmoos

    I don’t want to jail brake cause it makes me nervous and I don’t like how you have to wait when new system updates come out. The whole process just makes me nervous.

  • BeauGarreau

    Awesome! tips try NCSettings and BlurriedNCBackground! I think that you would like these two jailbreaks!

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