Vodafone CEO: 4G is for “technofreaks”

Vittorio Colao

It’s hard to know where to start with this. Vodafone’s CEO said he’d gone in to an EE store to try out the 4G speeds was about and stated “all I saw [were] technofreaks there”. And apparently, only early adopters could notice the difference in speed between LTE and HSPA+. Wow! Talk about a bold move. So, what is his carrier’s position on 4G exactly? Visiting the Vodafone homepage would surely show that his company was singing from the same hymn sheet. Perhaps a speed test showing the similarities between HSPA+ and LTE? To prove his point?

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Vodafone homepage shows nothing but 4G promos

Looks like he’s made something of a fool of himself here. While his carrier is telling all its customers to get ready for 4G since it’s coming soon, he’s going and telling them they shouldn’t care unless they’re nerds. Smooth. Meanwhile, EE has made the most of the situation by telling “technofreaks” that they’re welcome to switch carriers.


The problem here is that, in terms of carrier success, Vodafone has always had a good reputation for the best coverage and service in the UK. With Orange and T-mobile joining to create EE, that is no longer the case. It has more customers, more coverage and now has 4G covering 45% of the UK population. I think its fair to say Vodafone is feeling a little sore from losing out on the early 4G spectrum release (which they totally wanted).

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