Virgin Media launches LTE: Now ready for iPhone 5

Today, Virgin Mobile USA began offering LTE, which means the carrier can now potentially carry the iPhone 5 alongside its owner Sprint.

Virgin already offers the iPhone 4 and 4S, but failed to grab the iPhone 5 at launch. Apple’s CDMA version of the iPhone 5 is compatible with Virgin’s CDMA network, but the carrier hasn’t been offering official LTE support until now. Virgin’s first 4G LTE device is to be the Samsung Galaxy Victory.

Whilst Virgin has not officially announced its intentions to offer the iPhone 5 to LTE customers, it seems strange to think that Virgin wouldn’t take the opportunity now that the carrier is capable of doing so.

Have any of you been waiting for the iPhone 5 on Virgin? Will Virgin even carry the iPhone 5 on LTE? Leave your comments below!


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  • DarrenButz

    I just bought the 4S on VM on Black Friday. I don’t think I’m willing to dish out another $650.

  • johnrobinson302

    For me I’s not a question of an iPhone 5 upgrade.  I’d love to upgrade my phone, which I have through Virgin Mobile, but I’m not sure I want to upgrade to an iOS phone.  I’d love to upgrade to a Windows 8 platform phone.  A few friends of mine have one and they are nothing but pleased with the phone, but Virgin mobile has not yet offered the a Windows 8 platform phone.  It took them a while just to offer the iPhone.  Who knows when we’ll see a Windows 8 phone?  Should I hold off until Virgin Mobile offers a Windows 8 phone, or am I just holding my breath for nothing?  That’s my big question.