Unique iWatch concept designed, features bespoke version of iOS in circular face [video]


The Apple iWatch is something many of us is secretly hoping for. Although the previous generation iPod nano made a successful wrist-worn device, all it did was highlight potential in a specifically designed Apple time piece. The latest concept to show up features a uniquely designed, multi-touch operating system which looks fantastic. Perhaps the one weakness is video playback. With the concept having a round face, the term “letterbox” doesn’t even cover the amount of black on the screen while watching a video. And, if you choose to go full screen, you miss most of the action.

Despite that, I like the idea of having apps surrounding the perimeters with the current selection showing up front and center. It can play music, use Siri, send messages and – of course – tell the time. Check it out and let us know what you think. The following video was uploaded to YouTube by channel, iCupertinoRU. Although the text is all in Russian, you’ll still get the gist of it quite easily:

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