Top 5: Home Screen tweaks for iPhone 5 [Jailbreak]

Jailbreak tweaks can be used for many things when it comes to the home screen of your device. You can find things to make you more efficient, whether it be something that is gesture driven or modifies how the phone takes advantage of screen real estate, or you can simply make it your own with themes and other miscellaneous customizations. If you are new to jailbreaking however, it can be hard to find some of these tweaks. So what are some of the best tweaks for your home screen? I have my top 5 outlined here.


1. WinterBoard – Free

themesIf you didn’t already see my screenshot above from my Twitter, then go ahead and take a look at it now. Those icons aren’t stock, right? That’s because I’m using a nifty tweak named “WinterBoard” (ignore the dock, that’s a different tweak coming up in the list), which allows me to put a theme on anything throughout the entire operating system, but most noticeably, and most commonly, on the home screen icons. There are thousands upon thousands of themes out there in Cydia (the jailbroken equivalent to the App Store), and they are quickly being updated to support the iPhone 5. If you are interested the specific theme that I am running, it’s called “ayecon” (which costs $2.99).

2. Springtomize 2 – $2.99

springtomize2Springtomize 2 (which is the version that works on iOS 5 & 6), makes this list with ease. Before when I was talking about WinterBoard, I told you to ignore the dock. Well now, don’t. The tweak behind the 5 icon dock that had a concave coverflow effect was none other than Springtomize 2. That is not all it can do, either. I could sit and list all the different tweaks it includes, but that list would probably be longer than what this article is without it, there are just that many. Some of the more notable, though, include the ability to put up to 10 icons in your dock, plus being able to add a coverflow (normal or concave, as mine is) effect to them, the ability to disable Spotlight, and even change the size of your home screen icons and add rows and columns so you can fit more on one screen. This tweak really let’s you make your phone into your phone.

3. Barrel – $2.99

barrelBarrel has to be one of the coolest tweaks I’ve seen, eye candy-wise. What it does it change the animation for switching between home screen pages. As you can see above, I have the “Flippy” animation enabled, but there are around 20 different ones to choose from, including a “Random” which picks, as the name suggests, randomly from the available animations. Aside from the simple one that I have enabled, there are some crazy ones in here too. One makes your icons take the shape of Pac-Man when you swipe a page over, another makes it look like your icons are from the game “snake”, and there is even one that puts your icons in a “Merry-Go-Round” of sorts. This doesn’t really add any benefit to the home screen in terms of efficiency, but it definitely helps add a new level of customization to the device.

4. Dashboard X – $1.99

dashboardxTired of your Android phone-sporting friend saying that their platform is better because you can simply put widgets on the home screen? No more do you have to worry. With this tweak, dubbed “Dashboard X”, you can add widgets from Notification Center directly to your home screen. Not only that, but widgets that you download from Cydia that are built for Notification Center will also work (mostly) perfectly with Dashboard X, allowing you to place nearly any widget on your home screen. This to me is awesome. In Cydia you can find a plethora of widgets, from social widgets that allow you to scroll through feeds to widgets for the weather and everything in between. I know it probably won’t happen, but I would love to see Apple implement this in the future.

5. Infiniboard/Infinifolder – $0.99/$1.99

infiniboardIt might not be too obvious at first (though many probably noticed right away), but the screenshot above actually has rows of icons. But why are they cut off on the top and bottom? Because that screenshot is taken while I was scrolling using Infiiniboard. That’s right, the tweak Infiniboard lets you have, as the title hints, an infinite number of rows for your icons. You can simply put your phone into edit mode, then continue dragging app after app over to whatever home screen you’d like. If you wanted, you could make an “app drawer of sorts by leaving your main page with whatever apps/widgets you wanted (using the aforementioned Dashboard X) and then put all of the other applications on a scrollable 2nd page, making it into an “app drawer.” There are many possibilities to how you arrange your icons using this. Also, I pointed out Infinifolder. If you are someone like Cam, you like to have all of your apps up and out of the way. Well, instead of making folder upon folder for the same types of applications, using Infinifolder you can simply add, again, an infinite number of apps to any given folder.

So there you go, now it is time to start customizing that home screen! Let me know what you find interesting in Cydia by leaving a comment below, or tweeting me @TiP_Kyle.

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