Survey concludes that one quarter of iPhones have a broken screen

A recent survey of  2,471 iPhone owners concludes that as many as one quarter of Apple’s smartphones currently in circulation may have a broken screen. 23% of the sample answered ‘yes’ when asked if their device’s display broken, smashed or cracked, of which 31% said they wouldn’t fix the damage, due to insufficient funds, lack of insurance, or just because they were not bothered by the broken screen.

One of the figures from the survey – which was conducted by – that I find quite incredible, is that the average time for an iPhone user to use a broken display is 6 months. As somebody who is anally careful with any device I own, this seems ludicrous. In-fact, even the notion of breaking the display in the first place makes me cringe uncontrollably.

What about you? Have you ever broken your device’s display, and how long could you put up with the damage for? Let us know in the comments section below.


Via: CNet

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