PowerPot lets you charge your phone by boiling water


Have you ever needed to charge your phone, but have no access to electricity? While there are many devices out there that use alternative methods for powering your device, PowerPot may be one of the most unique.

PowerPot uses a technology called thermoelectric power. That basically means that by boiling water in the pot (putting the PowerPot full of water on the stove) you can charge your iPhone, or any USB powered device. The PowerPot was a Kickstarter project that has now turned into a final retail product. For $149, you can pick up your own PowerPot to use when camping or simply if you have no power, but you have access to a heat source. And yes, it will even work with an open flame.

Is the PowerPot something that you would use when camping? Or could you see yourself picking one up for emergency situations? Sound off in the comments section!

Source: Gigaom

Image via: Kickstarter

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  • johnsor

    I’d definitely buy one for my emergency prep kit, not too much of an extreme backpacker but I’m sure if I was I’d want one for that too :)

  • wafali

    love my powerpot, its a great product