Mac Pro no longer available through Apple’s European online stores

We’ve now known for a while of Apple’s decision to discontinue the ageing Mac Pro, and we’ve seen lots of evidence to show that its successor will make its debut in the spring. However, today Apple has removed the ill-fated machine from its European online stores, some nine days shy of the date Apple promised for the device’s demise in the EU.

Although nothing on Apple’s site explicitly tells us that the Mac Pro will never be sold online in the EU, the device is down as “currently unavailable”, and customers are unable to order it. However, to those who still want a Mac Pro before it is pulled, it is still stocked in the ‘refurbished’ section of the online store, and is also currently sold through physical Apple Stores.

It is unclear why Apple has axed the machine’s online presence, but many speculate that the company’s 14 day returns policy is the answer, or that Apple simply wants to switch its focus with the Mac Pro to physical stores, as they can continue to sell the machine after its March 1 deadline, but can’t order more stock. The reason behind the Mac Pro’s European death is due to new EU legislation which Apple’s tower doesn’t abide by, and since the company didn’t simply update the machine to meet these new standards, speculation of a new device is heavy.


Via: Cult of Mac

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