LG Display’s Senior OLED expert joins Apple

Could Apple be ditching its LCD displays in favor of the OLED variety that so many other smartphone makers use? Well, if Apple’s latest recruitment is anything to go by, then it appears the answer to that question may well be ‘yes’.

Apple has just hired LG Display’s Dr. Jeung Jil Lee – who was the Senior OLED expert at his previous company – as a new member of its display group. The company’s hiring could be due to an interest in the technology, which would be lighter, brighter and more responsive than the LCD displays currently used.

However, though Apple may well introduce OLED displays to its devices, the technology is ridden with problems, such as short lifespan, inefficiency, and the fast-decaying blues in the display, which may only survive five years before the color descends to half brightness.

Just what Apple is planning isn’t known, but -as Cult of Mac points out – it would fit the iWatch rumors that have been floating around for a while. Of course, there’s no guarantee that Apple has any interest in adding OLED technology to any of its devices, the company could just want to have a wide range of skills over at Cupertino.


Via: Cult of Mac 

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