iPhone captures 22% global market share in Q4 2012


Canalys has just released its research on the global smartphone market shipments market, and it’s looking good for Apple. Our favorite fruit company secured a 22% share in the final quarter of last year (globally, not the U.S.). It wasn’t too far behind Samsung – it’s biggest rival – which shipped an impressive 63 million smartphones, taking a commanding 29% of the market. Behind those two, the nearest single competitors are Huawei and ZTE who are both doing extremely well in the Asian market.

In terms of platforms, Android and iOS are both dominating the race. 150 million handsets were Android-powered, while 48 million were iOS. Outside those two there’s only 8.7% left to share between BlackBerry, Windows, Symbian and others. There’s no denying, on a world-wide scale, this is a duopoly. Let’s hope that Windows Phone and BB10 start to challenge soon. As much as we all like our own favorite platform, competition is very good for consumers as it drives costs down and innovations up.

Via: AppleInsider

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