iPad mini shipping times drop to 1-3 days, supply finally catching up with demand

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 14.09.36

Despite launching to the usual less-than-positive reactions of “what’s the point”, “it doesn’t have Retina” and “it’s too expensive”, the iPad mini has been a massive success. Clearly its size and price point have encouraged those who previously thought of the Apple iPad as too expensive, to part with cash, and buy millions of them over the holiday period.

Being so popular, Apple has struggle to make enough minis to go around. Only today, the shipping times have dropped to the regular “1-3” business days on the US Apple online store, as supply finally catches up with demand. In the UK, the waiting time has dropped to 3-5 days. Good news for those still in the market for Apple’s tiny tablet.

Via: Apple 

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