iOS 7 concept shown off on iPad mini, my idea of perfection

You may remember towards the end of last month, there was an iOS 7 concept published by French iFan site, iPhoneSoft. Some blogs liked it, some of the writers on our site liked it. I wasn’t too keen. To me it looked like there was too much going on on the iPhone’s Home Screen. And anyone who knows my iOS habits, knows I have a maximum of two rows of apps and folders on any screen. Plus, the concept got rid of one of the most useful features of iOS: the dock.


The same developers have now tweaked their idea to show what it would look like on an iPad mini, and I think it’s a much better fit. There’s much more screen real estate to take advantage of, and the widgets and shortcut toggles look much more at home on the bigger screen. And, much to my delight, the concept now has a favorite apps (instead of recent apps) area at the top of the screen, which replaces the need for a dock. And – unlike the iPhone concept – the “Apps Zone” is now a drawer which can be hidden using the “dragger” (see below).


This is my idea of iOS perfection, and if there was any way this could become a reality with a jailbreak theme or tweak, I’d download it in a heartbeat. I’ve constantly bemoaned the lack of ability to hide apps away, and the lack of shortcut toggles to switch essential services and connections on or off. This answers both of those issues for me.


As an added extra bonus, this concept includes the ability to multitask apps and have them running side-by-side on the same screen. Not a deal breaker for me, but I know some people would love this functionality on iOS. Whether or not Jony Ive and his team will adopt these ideas isn’t worth considering. But, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming. Right?

Via: iPhoneSoft (Google Translate)

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  • AGUi_STYLE31

    this is awesome concept for a iPad or iPhone!!!

  • bla

    wow, amazing! Finally iOS made it to become Android!

  • matthew4295

    Do you not all realize this is a Blackberry OS right here? (Minus the nice multi-window stuff)
    The last thing we want is the iPad to be turned this way. If they do something we’ve already seen or something that is already out there, they lose. In reality the only way they win for a little while longer is to stay the way they are, make some big bucks and make something new around the year 2015.

  • Djdel

    Wanna know the best way to” hide apps away”? Delete them! Any data can still be backed up in the cloud and you can reinstall it later for free ( even if you paid for the app). If you think you will still use it someday then put it in a folder on your last home page screen. Check your last page every so often, if you aren’t using those apps delete them.

  • NickBenedetto

    Every device but iPhone 5 and iPad 3/4 are too slow and outdated to support any of those features.
    Sent from my Galaxy SIII®

  • TiP_Cam

    @Djdel I delete all the apps I don’t use. But as I’m sure you can imagine, as a professional iOS blogger, my collection of apps is a lot larger than average. I have over 100 apps on my phone that I use regularly. I can’t delete them and the reinstall them every time I want to use them.

  • TiP_Cam

    @NickBenedetto Welcome troll. My iPhone 5 is jail broken and has many of these features. Runs them perfectly.

  • Djdel

    @TiP_Cam Hey if you find you really use all hundred, then of course you’d keep them, but thats only 7 folders worth of apps, which easily fits on less then half of a page.
    On a side note, it would be interesting to see the list of all 100 apps that a pro iOS blogger needs to use.

  • TiP_Cam

    @Djdel It’s 138 in total, most are in folders, organised by type. And since I’m fussy and hate mess, I have 3 home screens with only 2 rows of apps/folders on each. If I had the option, I’d rather hide them in a drawer. It’s not necessarily about how many apps I have. It’s more not wanting to see them.

  • TedE

    Yeah… this now looks like a Android with iOS themed icons….

  • mcmon151

    @TiP_Cam  Maybe if you read his post right, then you would see that he said every device EXCEPT for the 5 and iPads 3/4 are slow. Learn how to read before you try to act so superior

  • Djdel

    @TiP_Cam I organize those type of apps that I don’t want to see on my last home page, which works well since I don’t get to that page all that often – so I never see them. For a majority of users I’d imagine its easiest to have a single location where their apps live then trying to make them figure out what the difference is between two different areas that contain apps. This would also add on additional complexity, like how do I move the apps around to different areas, then do they all show up in my drawer regardless of if they are on the home screen or not, so are the apps on my home screen just a short cut or are they the real app and can only be found there? I imagine it would be annoying to try and locate where an app lived in two different areas. Then what happens when I delete an app in each if these different places, does it just remove it in one area and put it back in the other or might it delete it from the device completely. Then to put a bandaid on that issue you’d probably need another UI area ( that would be hard to find) where you specify which apps you really want on the device. Oh wait, I guess I’ve just explained androids crappy OS. No thanks.

  • TiP_Cam

    @mcmon151 regardless, iPhone 4/4S and 4th and 5th gen handles them fine too. But you’re right, I misread and jumped the gun. Apologies.

  • Jamie

    @NickBenedetto cause u don’t have enough money to buy those things…u cannot say that to apple…bloody Samsung