Evasi0n has now jailbroken over 7 million devices

Evasi0n 7 million

This is a big day for the jailbreaking community. Earlier today, it was announced that evasi0n was updated to 1.3 and included support for iPhone 4S devices that were running 6.1.1. As of today, evasi0n has also surpassed a big milestone of over 7 million devices jailbroken.

The untethered jailbreak has apparently been downloaded over 7 million times in just four days. According to Apple Insider, that makes this jailbreaking tool the most popular iOS jailbreaking tool in history.

For more information about evasi0n, head on over to the team’s website at evasi0n.com. Have any of you jailbroken your iOS devices to become part of the 7 million that have? Are any more of you planning on using evasi0n in the coming days or weeks? Use the comments section to let us know!

Source: Apple Insider

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