Evad3rs team has other exploits in reserve, ready for when Apple patches up Evasi0n

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Many are worried that this past jailbreak, dubbed “evasi0n”, will be one of the last. In what was the biggest jailbreak release thus far, with over 7 million devices being jailbroken in 4 days, the time it took for release is making some believe that the security of iOS is finally becoming too much. However, in an interview with Forbes, David Wang (aka @planetbeing) says evasi0n actually works on bugs that were found to replace other ones:

According to David Wang, one of the four hackers who worked on evasi0n, the team was able to swap out all of it with lower-value exploits except one element targeting a bug used for executing code in an iOS device’s kernel, the deepest, most protected part of the operating system. All the other bugs used in evasi0n are “redundant,” he says, meaning the hackers have found similar, backup bugs they can use even if the newly exposed ones are patched by Apple.

This is some very promising news, as that means that with only a little more work (not saying it is easy though), the team could theoretically already have what it needs to jailbreak the next release of iOS. It still isn’t easy of course, as the application for it would have to be written from scratch (or at least partially) with the new exploits included. Hopefully this means that we aren’t yet at the end of jailbreaking, and that there is hope for a possible iOS 7 jailbreak whenever that is release possibly later this year.

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Via: iDownloadBlog, Forbes

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