Belkin joins forces with LEGO to manufacture iPhone/iPod cases


Belkin has just announced an official licensing deal with The LEGO Group which will allow them to create custom iPhone and iPad cases inspired by the LEGO brick. The project will kick off in spring this year, and will see the popular manufacturer release a range of smartphone cases. Not unique simply because they look like LEGO, but because they will be buildable. The first set will be released for iPhone and iPod touch with other platforms being catered for at a later date.

“The LEGO company is a renowned global brand, synonymous with quality, design and most importantly, fun,” said Patrick Sullivan, director of product management at Belkin. “This partnership opens up a whole new audience for Belkin and we are extremely excited to work together on a line of cases based on iconic LEGO toys that will inspire creativity and promote individuality in people of all ages.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m overly excited about the possibility of constructing my iPhone case out of LEGO. You all saw how much fun I had building my iPhone 5 dock.

Will you be buying a LEGO case for your iPhone?

Via: BusinessWire

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  • Accented

    Just incase it was an accident, you have a picture of a Playmobil set, not LEGO.

  • hillsymcmlxxvi

    @TodaysiPhone just a tad concerned, you are using Playmobil figures, for a feature about Lego!?