Apple spent nearly $2 million on lobbying in 2012



Apple is definitely known for having money, but one thing few tend to notice is how much it spends on lobbying in the U.S. capital, Washington D.C. Year-over-year (from 2011-2012) Apple actually decreased its lobbying budget, cutting down 13%. Google on the other hand, who, by looking at the chart above, was the runaway leader in “most spent”, upped its lobbying costs by 90%. According to Fortune, here is where Apple’s efforts were going:

  • Taxation (including the repatriation of profits earned overseas)
  • Education (including the use of digital textbooks in schools)
  • Telecommunications (including open Internet and children protection issues)
  • Environment (including electronic waste, Energy Star and EPEAT standards)
  • Trade (including free trade and border issues)
  • Consumer Issues (including privacy protection and the Do Not Track Me Online Act)
  • Investments and the SEC (including implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act)
  • Transportation (including the use of technology in cars and airplanes)
  • Computer Industry (including cybercrime)
  • Appropriations (including government precurement rules)
  • Media (including electronic publishing)
  • Medical (including the regulation of mobile medical devices)

As you can see, there are a lot of things on that list, so the reports is that the money was “spread out pretty thinly” among those issues. Most of these are things that seem obvious what Apple’s stance is, but I’ll let you do the speculation on those.

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Via: Fortune

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