Apple iTunes U downloads reach massive 1 billion milestone

iTunes U

If you’re not in school, you could be forgiven for thinking that iTunes U was just a side project. However, judging from Apple’s New York press conference just a year or so back, it’s clear that our favorite fruit company is pushing the education element of its business big time. The latest press release shows just how successful it’s been.

iTunes U has been downloaded an impressive 1 billion times.

“Apple® today announced that iTunes U® content downloads have topped one billion. iTunes U features the world’s largest online catalog of free educational content from top schools and prominent libraries, museums and organizations helping educators create courses including lectures, assignments, books, quizzes and more for iOS users around the world.”

Although I’m yet to use the service myself, it’s impressive that such a large variety of quality information is available for free. To think, you could study to degree level from the comfort of your own home without coughing up thousands of dollars/pounds is incredible.

Via: Apple

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