Apple granted slide to unlock and iPhone design patents

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Apple two new patents. And they’re important patents for Apple.

Slide to Unlock patent

The first patent Apple was granted is the patent for Apple’s “Slide to Unlock” method of unlocking iOS devices (pictured above). This feature has been in the lock screen of every iOS device dating back to the original iPhone, and has become iconic of Apple’s devices. This patent has been the discussion of many lawsuits, and the patent has finally been officially granted to the Cupertino company.

iPhone Patent

The second patent that was granted to Apple today is the design of the original iPhone. The rectangle with rounded corners has finally been approved as a new patent for Apple. This patent has also been the source of lots of controversy. One of Apple’s main arguments against Samsung’s hardware was that the Samsung Galaxy line of phones was modeled after the iPhone due to the rounded edges and home button.

Source: Apple Insider

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