Apple and Mac owners fall victim to hacker

Mac Virus

Apple announced today that it was hacked. The company behind the “virus-free” Mac computers has been hit with malicious software that infected multiple employees’ computers. The same software, downloaded when visiting a software developing site, has also infected other Mac users. Surprisingly, it is also the same virus that was used to hack Facebook late last week.

According to a source speaking to Reuters, this attack is “the first really big attack on Macs,” and has apparently affected over 100 companies using Mac computers. While these types of attacks are rare for computers running Apple’s OS X software, and Macs have been advertised as being virus free, it is not impossible for Macs to be infected. Charlie Miller, an Apple security expert, stated that the lack of viruses on Macs is caused by people spending very little time developing ways to hack Apple’s computers. Miller said, “The only thing that was making it safe before is that nobody bothered to attack it. That goes away if somebody bothers to attack it.” If Miller is correct, if Macs continue to grow in popularity, we could see a rise in Mac viruses as well.

It is also worth noting that Apple has released a software update to patch this security loop hole. If any of you are using a Mac, it is recommended that you update your computer in order to avoid any security issues.

Are any of you concerned about viruses on Macs? Do you use virus scanners or anti-virus software on your computers? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Reuters

Via: All Things D, Phonedog

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