Amazon trumps Apple as US consumers’ highest regarded company



In its 14th annual poll, the Harris Poll RQ study found that Apple had been beaten to top spot by online retail giant, Amazon. The survey conducted asks consumers which companies have the best reputations. Joining the two A’s were Disney, Google and Johnson & Johnson. Last year, Apple finished top, above Amazon.

HARRIS INTERACTIVE SIX REPUTATION DIMENSIONSThat said, it wasn’t all bad news for Apple. It did finish first in some categories. In the ‘Vision & Leadership’ and ‘Financial Performance’ categories our favorite fruit company came out on top. Amazon, however, was top on the ‘Emotional Appeal’ and ‘Products & Services’. The latter is hard to imagine anyone else winning, with the company offering virtually anything for sale on its online store.

On the whole, the winner is technology in general. As an industry it was the one sector with the best reputation, quite far ahead of its closest rival, Travel and Tourism. Unsurprisingly Tobacco companies, Government, Banking and Financial Services sectors all finished with more voting for them as having a negative reputation.

The full report is available to read at PRNewsWire.

Via: TechCrunch

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  • Tom73

    Only a 0.08 difference. Would hardly call that “trumps”, maybe “squeaks”.