Amazing iWatch concept shows Minority Report-style features, every tech-head’s dream [video]

FinalCutKing (Zach King) has just uploaded an awesome concept video showing his idea for what the iWatch could do be like. Ironically, most of the time the watch isn’t on anybody’s wrist. Instead, it’s a space-agey wrist-worn computer that can seemingly be controlled by gestures (think Kinect sensor). Not only that, but the tiny gadget can project images and holograms for fun. All in a paper-thin wrist strap.

Don’t worry, I’m not under any illusions that Apple could release something as science-fictiony as this, but, I love the creator’s imagination. If there’s any reason tech fans seem to have grown up watching Star Wars and/or Star Trek, it’s the futuristic technology. And a guy can dream right?

Via: YouTube

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  • Jadon

    so cool, thanks for posting this video! I’ve seen other finalcutking videos and they are all pretty awesome.