Twelve South releases SurfacePad, the iPhone case for people who don’t like cases

I’m sure a great many of us have had this dilemma. You want protection for your iPhone, but you also want to show off the design as Apple intended, so what do you do? Sure, there are a great many case-alternatives out there, such as screen protectors for both the front and rear of your device, but while that was fine on the likes of the iPhone 4/4S, it really isn’t acceptable on the scratch-magnet that is the two-tone iPhone 5.

Happily, Twelve South seems to have the solution sussed with its new iPhone case, the SurfacePad. This case offers a flip cover for your device, and also doubles as a stand for watching videos. The case intends to offer the protection needed for the Average Joe consumer, as Twelve South writes:

 “SurfacePad for iPhone is a new breed of cover for iPhone crafted from a credit card-thin layer of Napa leather that weighs less than an ounce. It’s not designed to withstand a two-story fall or a dip in the pool. SurfacePad shields your iPhone from the keys in your pocket and the concrete countertop at your favorite restaurant, all while letting the beautiful iPhone still look like, well, an iPhone.”

With the SurfacePad, Twelve South hopes to pull off the same trick that it did with the BookBook (Cam’s review here), by creating a whole new genre of case. However, while the SurfacePad is wonderfully thin and good-looking, it doesn’t offer enough protection for me to feel that my iPhone would be totally protected from scratches on the anodized aluminium bezel of the device. That could be just my own paranoia though.

If you fancy SurfacePad for you iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5, get it for $34.99 from twelve south’s website.

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  • iPhoneCases

    the smart cover looks awesome i also checked out a puregear iphone case at amanda iPhone Case reviews and it was awesome.

  • mduckitt

    After 3 weeks of regular business use the item began to split between the seams. I have come to expect better quality fromTwelveSouth, especially for three weeks of use. I contacted Bridget at TwelveSouth customer service and I was instructed to send the item back to them and once recieved, they will send me a replacement.
    I am very disappointed to have to leave my new iPhone 5 unprotected because of TwelveSouth’s quality control issues. I use my phone regularly for business and find it very unacceptable to have to purchase another TEMPORARY case because of TwelveSouth’s lack if quality control.
    This will be the last TwelveSouth product I purchase.
    The quality issues were a known by TwelveSouth, I enclose a response by them after I contacted them””I can assure you that we know our first shipment of SurfacePads have had a higher rate of failure that we see as acceptable. It is not something that we have ignored, but thanks for your feedback.”