Twelve South’s PlugBug World globally universal MacBook/iPad/iPhone charger now available

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 20.09.05

When it comes to accessories for Apple devices, it’s hard to come up with a list of a great options without including some of Twelve South’s. The company’s Compass and BookArc stands are some of the best in class, as is the luxurious BookBook range of iDevice cases.

The latest product however, could be the most practical yet. The PlugBug World adapter kit includes five AC plugs to convert any MacBook charger to fit almost any global electrical outlet. It contains US/Canada/Japan, Continental Europe, UK/Hong Kong/Singapore, China and Australia/New Zealand plugs. The $45 dollar accessory will work with any MagSafe Power Adapter.


The best part of the PlugBug though is the built-in USB connector. It provides 2.1-Amps of charging power to allow you to charge your iPad or iPhone much faster than you would if you connected it to the USB connector in your MacBook. So, you can keep both your laptop and iDevice connected without sacrificing any time. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also bright red which makes it infinitely cooler.

PlugBug is available to purchase from TwelveSouth’s online store now for $44.99 and will be available in all Apple retail stores worldwide from next month (Feb).

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