“The world’s smartest phone case” hits Kickstarter

An interesting new phone accessory, dubbed “the world’s smartest phone case”, has just hit the popular group-funding website Kickstarter. The case promises not only to provide protection for your iPhone 4/4S (or, ahem, Galaxy SIII), but also to act as a smartkey keyfob, giving you the capability to lock and unlock your car with buttons on the back of your phone, along with various other features.

The case – called Intellacase – is said by the project creator to make losing your car keys a thing of the past, or at least, a but less of a problem. Because Intellacase combines your car key and your smartphone, it makes “one less thing to lose”, and you can now effectively ‘call’ your elusive keys to find them.

You can fund the project by going to its page, where you can either buy a DIY case, or a complete version. The DIY version requires some (probably) fiddly assembly, but at $99, it’s $50 cheaper than the obviously named complete version.

If you’d like a closer look, the creator of Intellacase posted this video:




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