Samsung forced to reveal sales figures in lawsuit versus Apple

While we were all celebrating and making merry over the festive period, Apple and Samsung were fighting out in court. The over-spill from the $1B decision back in the summer is nowhere near being tidied up, and the two are still at each other’s throats over the damages awarded and jury conduct. The main reason they’re both still in court is that Sammy has launched an appeal against the final outcome (as anyone in their right mind would) stating that the product margins aren’t accurate and that their devices didn’t affect iPhone sales as much as Apple would like to believe.

To come up with a clear figure, presiding judge Lucy Koh is asking for the last few months’ worth of sales. As noted by PhoneArena:

“Samsung’s appeal involves pricing information and profit margins,” Koh explained. The data that is requested “only lists the number of units sold in each of several recent months.”

What’s interesting about this is that Samsung rarely – if ever – reveals how many units of anything it has sold. Instead, it publishes the “shipped” number of devices which doesn’t take in to account how many handsets end up in customers’ hands or how many are returned.

It’s still unclear where this court case will end. It’s doubtful that Samsung will be forced to pay the entire $1 billion in damages. But it will almost certainly have to pay something to Apple.

Source: Bloomberg

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