iPhone users have highest phone bills – 59% over $100/month



Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (or CIRP) has been hard at it, surveying mobile phone users to find out how much they cough up each month. No surprise here: the iPhone users spend more than anyone else. In fact, out of all the respondents using iOS handsets, 59% of them spend more than $100 per month. 53% of Android users spend over the $100, whereas only 40% of BlackBerry users spend over the same benchmark. But, the award for staying as low as possible goes to Windows Phone/Mobile users, none of whom go over the $200 mark, and only 56% spend between $101-$200.

Do you frequently get charged overage on your bill or do you stick within your allowance?

Via: AllThingsD

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  • jabombardier

    Because most iPhone users are on at&t or verizon.