iPad mini installed in to a Volkswagen’s dashboard by Soundwaves of Tampa [video]

We’ve all seen shows like Pimp my Ride where some dog-eared car gets full-on bling installed by a semi-famous hip hop musician (or radio DJ in the UK). Following along those lines – albeit in a very understated way – Soundwaves of Tampa has installed an iPad mini in to the dash board of a Volkswagen Jetta. Check out the video above.

It’s not just the mounting of the iPad that’s impressive. It’s the integration of the iPad and the Sony radio. Through a third party app, the iPad mini becomes a controller for the car’s built-in radio system. Not only can it control all the playable media, it can also control the Bluetooth connection. Essentially, allowing you to use anything that the Sony system would normally offer as a feature.

You’ll be pleased to know it’s not permanently fixed, so you can still take your iPad with you when you leave the car. Pheww.

Via: iMore

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