Investment banks still expect big quarter from Apple

Well, after a week of turbulent stock prices for Apple and doubts about how many iPhones were actually sold, more investment banks are coming out and voicing their opinion on how successful Apple’s previous quarter really was.

Researchers at Piper Jaffray today announced that their latest prediction actually shows an increase in expected iPhones sold in the quarter ending in December. The firm announced that they are now estimating that about 50 million iPhones were sold in the quarter, which is an increase of 5 million from their previous estimate.

Piper Jaffray wasn’t the only firm to give their input on the success of Apple. Topeka Capital Markets today remained positive about the future of Apple. Topeka Capital’s Brian White says that Apple remains very successful, and estimates that in just one year, the stock will be priced at $1,111. For reference, Apple is currently trading at $506.09.

Even with all of the news this week of waning demand for Apple’s flagship phone, analysts at investment banks still seem very positive about the company, and still believe that Apple’s best days are ahead.

What are your thoughts? Would you buy Apple stock, or do you believe that Apple has lost its innovative touch? Tell us your thoughts about Apple in the comments below!

Source: Apple Insider


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