International iPhone growth lower year-over-year


Are international growth of iPhones slowing? A new report out of AllThingsD is saying so. According to the report, while growth of the iPhone internationally was up 35% this year, that is insignificant compared to the 110.5% growth of Q1 last year. According to the analyst, Tavis McCourt, of Raymond James, international iPhone sales could see a cut by 15% within the first 3 quarters of this year. AllThingsD offered up two solutions for the occurrence internationally: Apple could sign with a new carrier (bigger the better) to get more customers. This could happen with the rumor of Apple nearing a deal with China Mobile. Another solution would be to release a lower end, therefore cheaper, iPhone. This rumor has been swirling around like crazy recently, and would definitely help Apple in the emerging markets.

What do you think? Should Apple be concerned about these numbers? What do you think they mean? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Mashable, AllThingsD

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  • jabombardier

    They should be concerned. Android in those marketd offer lower cost options that are just as compelling as the iPhone and offerings just as expensive offer more innovation and feature content. The next iosneeds to change substantially to capture more people i guess. ios is already far more reliable than android is, which is a great advantage apple has.