IDEO founder speaks to 60 Minutes on Steve Jobs, iPhone [Video]

For those of you not familiar with David Kelley, he’s the founder of international design firm and innovation consultancy IDEO, and he was recently interviewed for CBS’ ever famous 60 Minutes. Here, he talked about – amongst other things – Steve Jobs, and various stories surrounding the late Apple CEO, including a particularly awesome description of his experience with the first iPhone.

Kelley and IDEO have been heavily involved with Apple in the past, designing a number of its products, meaning that Jobs had a close relationship with David. Kelley shared this story on how Steve Jobs hand delivered the first iPhone to him the day after the device’s announcement, and the struggle to hook it up to a network:

“So he decides to hook it up for me, so he gets on the phone with AT&T and he’s going to hook up my phone, and it’s not going well. Eventually he pulls the ‘I’m Steve Jobs’ card, you know, he says to the guy ‘I’m Steve Jobs.’ I’m sure the guy on the other end says “yeah buddy, and I’m Napoleon,” like get out of here. Yeah, but anyway he never did get it hooked up. No, not that day.”

If you fancy watching the interview, the video is below.

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  • rickiejames

    What a lovely man :) I find people like him very inspiring.