First alleged iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 leaked parts emerge



Serial French leaksters and concept designers, (via AppleBitch) is at it again. What it claims are parts for the two next generations of iPhone have shown up, posing in a photograph. As usual, this early in the year, the parts are only those which aren’t immediately distinguishable. This time: loudspeaker. Super-imposed at the top of the image is the loudspeaker from the iPhone 5, whereas those in the actual photograph are speculated to be from the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6. Both – the site suggests – could be launched during 2013.

The iPhone 5S is likely going to be a boosted version of the iPhone 5. The same design, same chassis, but with more powerful internal components. We know little about the iPhone 6, but the report speculates that it will be a brand new iPhone, with a new look and feel. The dubious “iPhone Math” also makes its way in to the conversation. But, just in case you’re doubting the site’s credibility, it has previous and correctly leaked images of the nano SIM card reader and the new Lightning connector. So, before you go dismissing the site’s claims, consider its past reliability.

Between now and launch we’re undoubtedly going to see an increase in leaked parts. And, usually, they’re pretty spot on the money. Sadly we won’t know for sure until iFixit performs one of its infamous teardowns after the product(s) has actually been launched.


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