ClamCase releases ClamCase Pro, its redesigned iPad keyboard case

The latest incarnation of ClamCase’s popular iPad keyboard case has just been released, called the ClamCase Pro, it is a redesigned version of the original iPad case, this time borrowing several styling features from the MacBook Pro.  The first model, predictably called ‘ClamCase’ was admired for its sleek design and for the seemless addition of the physical keyboard to the iPad.

The new version of the case uses aluminium and white polycarbonate to create the beautiful enclosure, and unlike its predecessor, it is compatible with all ‘regular’ iPads from the iPad 2 onwards. The accessory also has a greatly improved battery with an incredible capacity, meaning it can withstand months of usage without a charge. What’s more, pairing the case to the iPad should now be much easier, requiring a single push of a button to set the devices up, and then you’ll be good to go.

The case also sports a feature that allows you to ‘over-bend’ its hinge, allowing you to use the iPad as a tablet just as easily as a laptop substitute.

If I’m honest, I’m not a fan of the combined laptop/tablet. I’m not convinced on how well either copes as a multi-purpose device, but I must say that this is the best example of a keyboard case for iPad that I’ve seen so far, the way it combines the design of the MacBook Pro and iPad is incredibly seemless. What do you think of the ClamCase Pro’s design? let me know in the comments.

Hit the ClamCase Pro webpage to order it now for the handsome price of $169.

Get a closer look at the ClamCase Pro in the video below:



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