CES 2013: Tylt may have best battery case for iPhone 5

If you’ve been looking for an ultra slim power case for your iPhone 5, you may have given up. Most battery cases are thick, and sometimes don’t even pack enough extra battery to be worth the bulk. Accessory company Tylt has come up with the solution.

Tylt has announced its new case for the iPhone 5 that includes an ultra slim hard shell case with a battery pack that can slide over it. Allowing you to keep your device thin when you want to, and get extra juice when needed. Tylt’s battery case packs a large 2500mAh battery which should be plenty to keep your iPhone 5 going for a long time. The case takes advantage of the new Lightning connector for the iPhone. It also includes LED indicator lights to keep you informed on just how much power is left in the battery.

Is this the ultimate battery solution, or will you wait for another case from another manufacturer? Or is the iPhone’s built in battery enough for you? Let us know below!

Source: Cult of Mac

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