CES 2013: Ion Audio’s ‘Scratch 2 Go’ transforms your iPad in to a physical DJ controller

Since the iPad’s launch, we’ve seen various music mixing apps which transform your iPad’s display in to a virtual music mixer. That said, I don’t know any professional DJs who would actually use them professionally. There are better purpose-built alternatives out there. For me, the biggest frustration is the lack of physical controls which are pretty much a necessity. That’s where Ion Audio comes in. The newly released Scratch 2 Go system sticks physical controls on to your iPad display, and controls virtual knobs, sliders and buttons using some conductive pads.

Admittedly, I still can’t see this being used professional, but it certainly looks pretty neat and at $30, it’s hardly going to leave anyone out of pocket. The accessory is designed to control the iDJ 2G0 app, a free universal download available in the App Store. Scratch 2 go will be available from April this year.

Via: 9to5Mac

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